[WEB Limited] Salty Chocomint (Vegan Cookie)

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Popular Salty Chocomint is a standard commercial!
The popular Salty Chocomint is sure to be a hot topic even during the Chocomin Party.

Chewy texture!

Put 1 individual packaging

* Chocolate (the chocolate used is made in a factory that produces eggs, wheat, peanuts, sesame, and cashew nuts on the same production line.

raw materials

Flour (domestic manufacturing)
Edible oil
Soy milk
Mint flavor syrup
Swelling agent
Coloring (blue No. 1, yellow 5)
(Some of them include wheat and soybeans)

※ This product manufacturing plant manufactures products including wheat, almonds, orange, walnuts, sesame, soybeans, and apples. Some of the materials used are manufactured on the same line as milk components.

Nutritional table

Heat volume 261 kcal

Protein 2.5g

Lipid 11.4g

Carbohydrates 37.6g

Salt equivalent 0.2 g

Wheat cultivation uses pesticides, chemical fertilizers, insect repellents, and disgrees, but the flour used in this cookie suppresses the use of them and cultivated them in farmers who are particular about the original aroma of wheat. It has been.
Survey source [Eco -Eco Sashi]