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Recruiting ovgo members!

Now Hiring!

At ovgo Baker, we are looking for members to join us in making delicious, fun, and environmentally friendly cookies and building our store!

Your main duties will be making plant-based baked goods, serving sweets and drinks, and communicating with customers.

▼Areas currently recruiting

  • Tokyo
    • Toranomon / Manufacturing and sales
    • Jimbocho / Manufacturing Kitchen
    • Kodenmacho / Manufacturing and sales *Full-time members only
    • Harajuku / Sales, cafe management *Full-time members only
It is not a problem if you have no experience in any of the work.
We are looking for people who love ovgo Baker, cookies, and sustainable things!
We can also discuss whether you wish to become a full-time employee, but you will start as a part-time worker.

We look forward to your application!

    ▼What is ovgo Baker?

    While traveling around the US in search of the perfect bake shop, she came across a cookie that gave her an exciting vision of the future. The cookie was delicious and vegan.

    People who love delicious food, people who want to eat healthy and safe food, people with gluten or other allergies or lipid restrictions, people who belong to religions with dietary restrictions, people who want to choose foods that are kind to both the environment and people, vegans and vegetarians, adults and children... Images of happy, smiling people of all kinds eating cookies with relish spread through my mind.

    ovgo Baker was created with the dream of making those kinds of smiles commonplace in Japan.

    ▼Business details

    • Plant-based baking
    • Offering sweets and drinks

    ▼Desired personality

    • People who agree with the ovgo concept (please see the ovgo friendly handbook on our website)
    • Those who can communicate with coworkers and respect each other's opinions
    • Someone who can show consideration for customers who purchase ovgo cookies
    • Those who can instantly understand the situation and act while helping each other

    ▼Work style

    • Salary: Hourly wage ¥1,120~ Salary increase possible (Transportation expenses paid separately)
    • Employment status: Part-time
    • Basic working hours: 9-hour shift (1-hour break)
      (Please submit your shift between 8:00-21:00)
    • Number of working days: Negotiable
    • Preference will be given to those who can work for a long period of one year or more.

     ▼Recruitment process

    1. Enter the following form
    2. Interview (possibly multiple times)
    3. Recruitment


    ▼Application deadline

    Deadline: Once applications are received

    ▼Application form

    We look forward to receiving your application via the form below.

    ◎ For full-time applicants

    ◎For those applying for non-full-time positions