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Doing Good Tastes So Good

While traveling around the US in search of the perfect bake shop, she came across a cookie that gave her an exciting vision of the future. The cookie was delicious and vegan.

People who love delicious food, people who want to eat healthy and safe food, people with gluten or other allergies or lipid restrictions, people who belong to religions with dietary restrictions, people who want to choose foods that are kind to both the environment and people, vegans and vegetarians, adults and children... Images of happy, smiling people of all kinds eating cookies with relish spread through my mind.

ovgo Baker was created with the dream of making those kinds of smiles commonplace in Japan.

Cookies For All

These vegan American cookies are made entirely from plants, without the use of eggs or butter. Anyone can enjoy them anytime, anywhere.

Happiness For All

Members with different backgrounds and lifestyles come together to share ideas and enjoy baking cookies every day.
We hope that people with different values ​​can enjoy our gentle and delicious cookies together.

Doing Good Bite By Bite

Do something good, one bite at a time. Try making breakfast or snacks vegan. Even if you're not perfect, I believe that if you make a series of small, kind choices like that, your future will change.

We've created a Friendly Handbook to help you get to know us better!
This is a Friendly Handbook that is treasured by all members involved with ovgo Baker.

Enjoy ovgo Baker

Thank you for always enjoying our delicious vegan cookies! Since the summer of 2019, when I started making cookies with two of my elementary school classmates that we wanted to keep eating, I am grateful that so many people have come to like ovgo Baker.

The environmental and social problems we face cannot be solved quickly. That is why we are working on what we think is necessary, no matter how small the effort, so that it can continue for a long time, even if it is not perfect from the beginning.

We hope that, together with the members we have met through cookies and all of you who always support us, we can continue to have a positive impact on the environment and society and increase happiness through our efforts.

Yuki Mizobuchi, Founder of ovgo