Cinnamon raisin oatmeal (gluten -free / vegan cookie)

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Speaking of oatmeal cookies, Iron plate cinnamon raisins
Don't despise an iron plate, the spice lover's Baker version is a lot of luxury cinnamon!
Please enjoy it with coffee!

Put 1 individual packaging

raw materials

Oatmeal (US manufactured)
rice flour
Edible oil
Soy milk
Maple syrup
Swelling agent
(Some soybeans are included)

※ This product manufacturing plant manufactures products including wheat, almonds, orange, walnuts, sesame, soybeans, and apples. Some of the materials used are manufactured on the same line as milk components.

Nutritional table

Heat volume 204 kcal

Protein 2.2g

Lipid 7.8g

Carbohydrates 30.4g

Salt equivalent 0.2 g

Maple syrup is the same sweetener, which has a smaller production process and has a lower environmental load. In addition, the use of domestic rice flour is reduced by using domestic rice flour as an alternative to wheat, which is mostly domestic distribution.
Survey source [Eco -Eco Sashi]