Chocolate cranberry (vegan cookie)

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Everyone loves chocolate and cranberries are the best match, sweet and sour cookies♡

Chewy texture!

Put 1 individual packaging

* Chocolate (the chocolate used is made in a factory that produces eggs, wheat, peanuts, sesame, and cashew nuts on the same production line.

raw materials

Flour (domestic manufacturing)
Oily oil
Soy milk
cocoa powder
Food material
Swelling agent
(Some of them include wheat and soybeans)

※ This product manufacturing plant manufactures products including wheat, almonds, orange, walnuts, sesame, soybeans, and apples. Some of the materials used are manufactured on the same line as milk components.

Nutritional table

Body volume 253kcal

Protein 2.3g

Lipid 10.2g

Carbohydrates 39.0g

Salt equivalent 0.2 g

Domestic wheat is used for cookies, so the amount of greenhouse gas emissions derived from transportation has been significantly reduced. Rice oil is used instead of butter, and various environmental impact on dairy products is suppressed.
Survey source [Eco -Eco Sashi]