ovgo Baker Fukuoka OPEN❣️

Everyone in Fukuoka and Kyushu, thank you very much!

A new cafe (PPP (PARKSIDE/PEOPLE) Cafe), where you can always pick up the grilled bake of OVGO BAKER on 9/20 (Tue), will open in Fukuoka and Akasaka!

"PPP (PARKSIDE/PEOPLE/PARTY) Cafe" has been renovated with a five -story building.
"Midori.so" The first floor of the first base of Kyushu "Daifuku Midori.so".

"DAIFUKU Midori.so" has a share office, a lifestyle store and a gallery, and open it in the city.

"PPP (PARKSIDE/PEOPLE/PARTY)" is the first business format in addition to our OVGO Baker, popular coffee shops, cake shops, and candle brands!

OVGO BAKER will also provide not only cookies but also banana breads and brownies.✨

Along with delicious coffee and latte, we will deliver a special baked bake that can only be tasted at the shop to everyone in Fukuoka.

■ Adress
1-8-23 Akasaka, Chuo -ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture "DaifuKu midori.so" 1st floor
PPP Cafe

■ Open Hours
9:00 AM ~ 17:00PM
* Business hours may fluctuate.

■ Coffee

P.F.Candle Co., Circle & Line, OvGo Baker, Enne The Cheesecake Shop

Open details to the following
We look forward to your visit✨🍪


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