This month is held in Shinjuku and Sendai! Sendai flavors limited to pop -up events also appeared


November POP-UP information📣📣📣

This month is the first store in Tokyo and the Tohoku region! ! !

Sendai limited flavors are also available🍪🫶

Limited flavors can also be purchased at the online store, so please check out customers other than Tohoku.❣️



📍TOKYO (Shinjuku)

[11/1 (Tue) -11/13 (Sun) Lumine Est]


For the first two weeks in November, we will hold POP-UP in Lumine Est Shinjuku!💗

This time a special product has appeared✨ We will sell a limited -edition cookie of cute Obuko.🐰❤️‍🔥!

-Frever lineup —

Special 🐰Obuko cookie type omission

Original 🍪Impossible chocolate chip 🍪Here 🍪Matcha coconut 🍪Sugar Black Pepper 🍪Double Shinamon Chocolate 🍪Blue kee 🍪Chocolate cranberry

OATMEAL 🍪Coconut chocolate chip 🍪Coconut Chai 🍪Cinnamon raisin 🍪Baked cone 🍪Matcha Azuki 🍪Natti chocolate



[11/1 (Tue) -11/13 (Sun) Sendai PARCO]

The first pop -up in the Tohoku region is held at Sendai PARCO☃️

This time we have two kinds of Sendai limited flavors!

This can be purchased online, so please check it out other than Sendai.👀

-She lineup

Special Walnut Yuboshi Sendai Miso Automir

Soft cookie 🍪Impossible chocolate chip 🍪Here 🍪Matcha coco 🍪Chocolate cranberry 🍪Blue kee

Oatmeal cookie 🍪Chocolate chip coconut 🍪Natti chocolate 🍪Cinnamon raisin 🍪Coco -chai 🍪Matcha red bean


📍TOKYO (Shinjuku)

[11/5 (Sat) -11/6 (Sun) vlookmarket@NEWOMAN Yokohama]

NEWOMAN in Yokohama will also carry out Popup for two days only!

This is also a POP-UP limited flavor, so please check it out.❣️



The latest information is also distributed on LINE, so please register.💌 

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