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Article: 💜🎃👻Halloween fair begins🎃👻💜


💜🎃👻Halloween fair begins🎃👻💜

😈 Devil's Sweet Potato Cake 😈

A moist and gently sweet purple sweet potato cake!

In addition, it is topped with purple sweet potato whipped cream and crunchy sugar, making it a product that you can enjoy not only for its appearance but also for its texture🎃

👼Angel Caramel Nuts Cake👼

A luxurious cake made with caramel whipped cream sandwiched between a caramel nut cake made with generous amounts of almonds .

The rich caramel aroma goes perfectly with the cake .

Both of these can only be eaten at Meiji St !

We also have drinks available to enjoy with the cakes .

Please take this opportunity to try it out! 💞

We look forward to your visit🫶🏻

📍ovgo Baker Meiji St Laforet Harajuku 2nd floor

⏰Business hours: 11:00-20:00 (subject to change depending on the situation)

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Peach fair begins 🍑🍑🍑

🍑🤍🍑Peach Fair🍑🤍🍑 Peach Fair starts on August 13th 🍑🍑 " Peach Tea Float  " A float that lets you enjoy the combination of refreshing peach tea with a hint of peach and refreshing peach ice ...

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Meiji St Holiday Special is starting🍰🌲⭐️

Holiday Menu begins🎄✨ The first Holiday Menu will start at Meiji St from November 1st 🎄⭐️ Blondie, which is very popular every year at other stores, will also be sold at Meiji St this ye...

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