Power up with HI (NY) for your dream of New York! Announced a new brand logo under the joint word "Doing Good Tastes so GOOD"

夢のニューヨーク進出に向け、HI(NY)と共にパワーアップ! 合言葉「Doing Good Tastes So Good」のもと、新ブランドロゴを発表

OVGO Co., Ltd. (located in Kugayama, Suginami-ku, 5-29-18 Forre Fujimigaoka 101, representative Yuki Mizobuchi) celebrated its 2nd anniversary in May 2022 and renewed the brand logo.。 In the renewal of the logo, the brand DNA is also verbalized."Doing good tastes so good (this is so delicious!)"In addition, we provide Vegan's gentle American cookies that meet the diverse preferences of food, create a place where we can work happily while respecting the differences between everyone, and accumulate a little kindness on a daily basis, so that the environment and social problems are accumulated. Aim for solution.

The new brand logo and brand DNA are looking forward to the expansion of New York, which has been the goal since its foundation.NY -based creative agency HI (NY)At the same time, I created an idea with each member.


  • New logo

Produces the exciting energy and playfulness of the OVGO brand. Inspired by an American retro comic style, the logo made in a hand -painted nostalgic expresses a friendly and lively personality. Because of the good compatibility with the entire logo style, uppercase characters were used only for the acronym "B" instead of the whole B.A.K.E.R. In addition, because uppercase characters are intimidating, I think that combining with rounded lowercase letters can emphasize the friendliness of OVGO.
The transition to a new brand logo will be performed sequentially from July.

  • Brand Vision

OVGO B.A.K.E.R aims to aim for the environment, animals, and all the people.
Providing a kind of food options that are easy for the future.
It is a happy person who can share people with various food restrictions, people in various backgrounds, and anyone in his background, such as vegan, vegetaries, allergies, and religious reasons, and are friendly to the earth and animals. It is to provide delicious and fun food that you aimed for.

  • Brand Promise

・ We provide delicious and what you want to eat.
・ We provide plant -based products so that everyone with various restrictions can eat.
The ingredients use only those that do not exploit animals.
・ Use organic ingredients as much as possible.
・ Take the necessary actions to minimize the environmental load.
・ Regardless of the attributes, we respect individual differences, find values, and create an environment where all employees can fully demonstrate their abilities.

  • From OVGO Representative Mizobuchi Co., Ltd.

In the summer of 2019, I am grateful every day since I started making cookies that I would like to keep eating with two elementary school classmates.

The environment and social issues we are facing are not something that can be solved immediately.
That's why we are working on what we need, even if it's not perfect from the beginning, so that we can continue for a long time.
I would be glad if we could increase the effect on the environment and society through our efforts with the members who were able to meet through cookies and everyone who always supported us.

Graduated from Keio University, Faculty of Law. 2016 After joining Mitsui & Co., Ltd. as a new graduate,
He is engaged in the U.S.stes contract and negotiations in the Legal Department.
After working in Dean & Deluca, he founded OVGO in 2020.

  • From Hi (NY)

When I first met the founding members, including Mr. Mizobuchi, I was struck by their vitality, passionate thoughts, and the inferior skills. If people like them become the next generation roll model, the future of Japan is bright! I even thought.
While the company size of OVGO B.A.K.E.R is growing rapidly, the new staff members perceive the vision of Mr. Mizobuchi as a common awareness, and to convey it to society correctly and consistently. Was created. The process was fun, delicious, and very meaningful.
The charm of OVGO B.A.K.E.R is that it has a strong sense of social responsibility and is serious, but has a loose and relaxingness that is not impressive. I was particularly particular about the expression of this coexistence.
I hope this will be loved by more people's cookies with OVGO B.A.K.E.R.

Graduated from SCHOOL OF VISUAL ARTS Graphic Design Department in New York. She established HI (NY) in 2008 after MTV and The Seventh Art. In 2016, a Japanese branch will be opened in Kyoto. Her main job includes new branding and package designs in Coca -Cola in the United States, and the United Nations exhibition design. She participated in an exhibition at HIGH MUSEUM in Atlanta and Collet in Paris. Her book is "What I want to convey to Japanese business leaders now is the New York art director." She has won a lot of ONE SHOW, GRAPHIS, GD USA and others.

  • About OVGO B.A.K.E.R

It is an American vegan bake shop that sells baked goods such as cookies and banana breads, including the motto of the environment and our future and everyone can eat it.
The origin of the company name is the acronym "Organic, Vegan, Gluten-Free as Options". With the spread of various food options, we want everyone to be happy.
Started online sales in May 2020. Currently, there are three stores in Nihonbashi (Kodenmacho), Karuizawa and Harajuku, and regularly holds Popups all over the country.

We also sell online limited flavors and original goods!

There is also an original menu for each store. Please come and visit us.

Address: 10-8 Nihonbashi Kodenmachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Business hours: 11: 00-20: 00


Address: 17-8 Nakakaruizawa, Karuizawa-cho, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano
Business hours: 11: 00-20: 00

Address: Raforet Harajuku 2F (1-11-6 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)
Business hours: 11: 00-20: 00

Until August 2 (Tue), Popup is being held at Fukuoka PARCO 8th floor Yutelier.
Popups are scheduled for all over the country in the future, so please check the official Instagram for the latest information.🍪