The first street store opened. Cloudfunding started to complete a baked shop that is easy for the environment and the future.


OVGO B.A.K.E.R of American Vegan Bake Shop (Obgo Baker, OVGO Co., Ltd.) is the first road store OVGO B.A.K.E.R Edo St. store (Kodenmachi, Tokyo, May 15, 2021 With the opening of the daily store, the crowdfunding will be held at CAMPFIRE from April 1 to May 14, 2021.

The American Vegan Bake Shop OVGO B.A.K.E.R, which was established on the theme of "Gentle and friendly to ourselves, the surrounding environment, our future, and being friendly," thanks to the fact that many customers ate cookies. May 15 (Sat), OVGO B.A.K.E.R EDO ST. store will be opened on Edo -dori, Kodenmachi, Tokyo.


The interior design office that operates a popular store in Yoyogi Park, aiming to create a shop where people calm down and continue to be loved for a long time, as if they were on the street corner of NY. TOKYO PM. (Tokyo PM Co., Ltd.)http://tokyo-pm.jp/index.html) Requested interior and exterior design. In an open space with two large windows, an open kitchen where you can see the production and a counter seat where you can communicate with customers.

The showcase will include a baked vegan cookie, scones, muffins, brownies, etc., and will also provide drinks such as coffee, smoothies and Vegan flappe, which can be enjoyed in summer.

For this store opening, OVGO B.A.K.E.R's first American Vegan Bake Shop, which is friendly to the environment and our future, is a wonderful space that is as good as the real NY, and for customers. To make it a store that you can love for a long timePeriod from April 1, 2021 (Thursday) to May 14 (Fri), Campfire crowdfunding will be implemented.

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In addition to cookies and cookies at the shop, we can only get this project, which is packed with our thoughts, such as original logo, character apparel goods, and joint development of vegan sweets menu provided at the shop. A lot of returns are available.

An example of a crowdfunding return
・ Cookie BOX+cookie exchange ticket 
3,500 yen
・ Cookie & coffee BOX
5,500 yen
・ Original raglan & American cookie set
10,000 yen
・ Original Aplon & Thank You Cookie Set
12.000 yen
・ Original hoodie & spring cookie set
15.000 yen
・ Menus your ideas!
50,000 yen

We look forward to your support and application so that you can create a wonderful American vegan bake shop with OVGO B.A.K.E.R.

OVGO B.A.K.E.R EDO ST. Store Details
Address: Nihonbashi Kodenmacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 10-8 1F
Access: 1 minute walk from Kodenmacho Station on the Hibiya Line
5 minutes walk from Bakuri Yokoyama Station on the Toei Shinjuku Line
Scheduled opening date: May 15, 2021
Business hours: 11: 00-20: 00 (planned)

You can see the details here on the store Instagram

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About OVGO
Oganic, Vegan, glutenFree as options Co., Ltd. states that "LET" S BE FRIENDLY = "Let" and surrounding environments, their future, and friendly, March 2021 Was converted into a corporation.
In order to realize a sustainable environmental society full of diversity that can respect various ideas of individuals, we propose a sustainable new food culture and lifestyle through Vegan Up Cycle Local Urban Farming. I will.

OVGO B.A.K.E.R's American Vegan Cookie
Obgo baker cookies use rice oil, soy milk, and nut milk, and no animal raw materials are used. We use domestic and organic ingredients as much as possible to make sweets by means of low environmental impact on imports and production. There are various variations, from soft texture American cookies to spicy chocolate chips to spice flavors with crunchy. In addition, we aim to incorporate vegans into lifestyles from familiar places such as breakfast and snacks at an affordable price. It is a cookie that can be enjoyed by anyone, as well as Vegan and vegetarian, those who like American snacks, those who are allergic to eggs, dairy products, and the elderly to the elderly.
Currently, in addition to direct sales at Aoyama Farmers Market, EC sales at BASE, VALLEY PARK STAND in MIYASHITA Park, DEAN & DELUCA Hiroo store, etc. are available.

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