Started the subscription service "OVGO BAKER EVERY DAY"!

サブスクリプションサービス「ovgo Baker EVERY DAY」を開始!

In OVGO, from October 16, 2022 (Sunday), the subscription service "OVGO Baker Every Day" (https://ovgobaker.com/pages/subscription) I will start!

In this service, OVGO Baker's gluten -free auto -meal cookies * 1 and granola are delivered once a month, and you can easily incorporate gluten -free and plant bass in your daily life, such as breakfast and snacks.
* 1OVGO BAKER gluten -free auto meal cookies use the same facilities as facilities containing flour.

What is "OVGO Baker Every Day"

Bake shop that is 100 % plant -based in the environment and our future
From OVGO BAKER, Health & Tasty Oatmeal Cookies and Granola every month
We will deliver.
According to various lifestyles, such as breakfast, snacks, and snacks at work
We have three plans to enjoy. All plans are subscriptions
It is a limited deal. I'm interested in plant bass and gluten -free products
Those who are busy every day and are not easy to continue, or usually come to OVGO stores
Even if you can't get a distant person, take this opportunity to feel free to your environment.
Let's start a "good thing" that is easy to Yasushi!

Click here for details:https://ovgobaker.com/pages/subscription

Eating delicious cookies to reduce environmental load?
OVGO BAKER cookies are all made of vegetable, organic, natural cultivation, or foods produced in Japan as much as possible. Dairy products such as butter and milk are said to have a higher load on the environment in the process of production than vegetable ingredients, and are the third largest causes of climate change, which is currently becoming a social issue. Above all, the environmental impact due to the livestock industry is considered to be high. One of the reasons for the breeding of cows, which is the center of the livestock industry, is the cut in forests to secure the land necessary for grazing, the use of large amounts of water, pollution caused by excrement from cows, and cattle burp. The methane gas contained in the warming is also affecting global warming. It is said that by eating meat a little, moving to vegetables in consideration of milk and dairy products, and reducing the production volume of livestock industry can contribute to the progress of climate change every day.
It is said that not only environmental issues, but also livestock businesses also affect food and poverty, and OVGO Baker has the hope that it will lead to the opportunity to think about various social issues through delicious cookies. We sell plant -based cookies.


Plan summary

1/7 Doing Good 6 meal/1800 yen (1944 yen including tax)

One day a week

4 oatmeal cookies

Two snack cookies

* 300 yen per sheet

4/7 Doing Good 20 meals/4500 yen (4860 yen including tax)

A little good for 4 days a week

12 oatmeal cookies

Granola 4 meals (200g each)

6 snack cookies

* 225 yen per sheet


Doing Good EVERY Day 34 meal/7140 yen (7711 yen including tax)

A little nice thing every day

20 oatmeal cookies

Granola 8 meals (200g each)

4 snack cookies

* 210 yen per sheet



By all means, not just regular online shops

Please take advantage of the sub -school service.🍪📦❤️


The latest information is also distributed on LINE, so please register.💌


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