EDO ST. August only 🍅Arabi Ta Muffin & Coconut Pineapple Cookie🍍

Edo St. 8月限定 🍅アラビアータマフィン&ココナッツパイナップルクッキー🍍

Good evening🌝OVGO BAKER!
Today is the continuation of yesterday,
Introducing the limited menu scheduled to end in August!

Introducing the menu provided by EDO ST.❤️


Using tomato puree, fresh tomatoes and olive oil
It features an Italian flavor😋🍅
Please try a meal muffin perfect for summer!

In addition, Coconut Pineapple Cookie, which is being offered at the store, will be up to the 31st.
The sale is scheduled to end, so please check it out.🍪

A summer -only ice menu is also available🌞🍨💦


In addition to products that will be discontinued on the 31st
The cool menu that is perfect for the lasting remaining heat
We continue to prepare it, so
Please drop in when you come near💁‍♀️


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We are sending off great information! Please register your friends 🫶

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