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Article: Until 31st! Meiji ST. (Laforet Harajuku) Limited 🥭🥥 Mango Coconut Bread

31日まで!Meiji St.(ラフォーレ原宿)限定🥭🥥マンゴーココナッツブレッド
Meiji St.

Until 31st! Meiji ST. (Laforet Harajuku) Limited 🥭🥥 Mango Coconut Bread

In no time, there are only a few places left in August.
For the menu currently being offered at OVGO
There are things that end up until 31 days ...

So today, we will introduce the limited menu provided at OVGO BAKER MEIJI ST.!

🥭 Mangococo Bread \ 850+Tax🥥

Laforet Harajuku Limited Mango Coconut Bread (Vegan)

Exquisite fluffy and moist texture and coconut flavor
Cold ice cream and apple mango on coconut bread
It is a perfect menu for the summer topping.🌞
Of course, the ice cream is also a vegetable one🌱

Because it is possible to enjoy and take it home,
Perfect for a small snack when you come to Harajuku

This is a very popular product completed by the members by the members.Until 31st!
Please eat ice cream and cool on the last weekend of August.🍨



In addition, the latest information on Meiji ST. is being updated on the official store official Instagram.❣️

The official LINE online store and the latest information on each store,
We are sending off great information! Please register your friends 🫶

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