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Article: The reason why the plant bass (vegan) is good for the environment and society


The reason why the plant bass (vegan) is good for the environment and society

Nowadays, SDGs and sustainability are attracting attention.
More and more people are taking options that can solve environmentally friendly actions, animal welfare and poverty problems.
And plant bass (vegetable) and vegans are starting to spread a little as a good option for such environments and society.

Why do you practice plant bass and vegan and select vegetable foods and products leads to environmental issues and poverty issues?

First of all, the definition of plant bass and vegan.

Plant baseThat is, it is made of vegetable. The definition of plant -based products for products sold at recent convenience stores is ambiguous, and sometimes they use vegetable soy meat but animal seasonings.
If it is a 100%plant base, it is safe because it is all made with only vegetable (OVGO BAKER provided 100%plant base!).

VEGANThis means that "the principle of living without exploiting animals as much as possible" is to eliminate any animal for human lifestyles such as clothing, food and shelter.
Therefore, those who carry out Vegan select vegetable foods and products, avoiding animal foods and products. In other words, the original meaning of Vegan is the choice for the protection of animal rights, but in the recent trends in sustainability, the definition of plant bass and vegan may be handled in the same way.

Well, thenWhy vegetable foods are kind to the environment and societyIs it?
The reason is that the load on the livestock industry, which produces meat and dairy products, is high.

The food industry is the third largest cause of climate change in the world.
EspeciallyThe breeding of cows, which is the center of the livestock industry, requires a vast land for grazing (the forest that is the source of CO2 to create a pastor) and needs a large amount of water. Not only can the excretion from a large amount of cows also cause contamination, but the methane gas contained in large amounts of cows can not be underestimated on global warming.。 FurthermoreGrowing the grains required for breeding a large amount of cows also requires vast site and water as well, and breeding cows for the livestock industry is quite expensive to the environment.I can think of it.

Using a lot of forests and water, the precious resources of the earth, meat and milk are sold at supermarkets every day at a large amount of cheap price.
It is said that if you eat a little meat or move to vegetables in light of milk and dairy products, you can contribute to the progress that progresses every day by reducing the production volume of the livestock industry.

moreover,If you produce cereals for human -to -eat grains in the land that grows grains used for livestock, you can create more food from the same land, as beef is 11 times and pork is 7 times the human food.
Climate change itself also causes more poverty problems. Due to climate change, the agriculture of agriculture has been unable to run agriculture, and the children of the poor who have become poor can work without going to school.
Reducing livestock industries with high environmental impact, which causes climate change, can solve world poverty and food problems.

For topics related to the environment and food, there are also food loss and carbon footprint (the amount of carbon dioxide relating to production and distribution), and other environmental production such as organic, such as organic. Can be raised.

I sympathize with this way of thinkingOVGO BAKER is working on creating an opportunity that makes vegetable foods delicious and enjoyable.
Changing everyday meal choices into a plant base is a pleasant option that is not only for your health but also for society.


Doing Good Tastes so good! It's so delicious to do something good
First of all, why not incorporate the plant bass into your daily life from your snacks and OVGO Baker cookies at your own pace?

The website also has information that is delicious and environmentally friendly, so please check it out.



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