[YUKI-LOG] OVGO Baker so far ②/independence (2020/1-6)

【Yuki-log】ovgo Bakerのこれまで②/独立について(2020/1-6)

Hello, this is Yuki of OVGO BAKER.
This time, I looked back on the beginning of OVGO BAKER and the opening of the Aoyama Farmers Market.

2020/1-3 Opening of Aoyama Farmers Market

If I would like to open a confectionery one day, I was able to open a store for the first time on Sunday, January 26, 2020 at the Aoyama Farmers Market!

At this time, all members were part -time work, so we gathered in the kitchen on the day we could prepare on weekdays, baked cookies little by little, made handwritten tapestry, and prepared for the first day every day.
The labeling was not as planned at all (there is no labeler, so I could sciss it, so I could sciss it with double -sided tape. Packing will be suffering frequently in the future. .) Bring back the packaging products and labeled at home until the morning.

I can order it now, but for some reason I want to make it myself.
I can order it now, but for some reason I want to make it myself.

And the first farmers market that we greeted!
I was excited when I first came to the market where I was a customer. It is a fun place to be able to talk in various ways from the shops and customers who are making delicious foods, and from the standpoint of the past shops and customers.

I still like the early hamburger -style package. Packed one by one in a paper package.
I still like the early hamburger -style package. Packed one by one in a paper package.


Cinnamon apple cookies using apple purchased in the market!
Cinnamon apple cookies using apple purchased in the market!

Sales on the first day are sold out safely! ! ! ! !
I was so happy that many friends and acquaintances came, and the first -time customers ate a tasting and said that they were so delicious that they didn't think they were Vegan.
From here on, we opened a store once every two weeks while enduring the extreme cold, and the number of other shoppers increased, and the OVGO BAKER became familiar with the market a little. A teenage customer who came to the market several times said this.

"I have only eaten Vegan since my parents were born in vegan, but when I found an OVGO cookie in the Air Stream Garden, I was born the most delicious. came."

This word at this time is still one of my encouragement.
I was glad that I followed my shop on Instagram and came to shopping, and I guess it's a bit of a person who is working on Vegan. For me, who wanted to do a job that would be useful for others, it was an event that I was really happy to have to be told directly in this way.


Sold out every time at the early Aoyama Farmers Market! !
Sold out every time at the early Aoyama Farmers Market! !

2020/4-6 Corona vortex. BASE's sudden start!

Finally, when I got used to the market, I restricted the outings due to the corona that started when the weather became warm. 。 。 。

At this time, they used to wholesales every other week and several cafes, but both were closed due to the restrictions on going out of Corona. Fortunately, we all did other jobs (it was also hard everywhere, but ...) But while thinking, I was thinking about whether to restart after Corona.

Meanwhile, I would like to get an order in the Base online shop, which had been explaining in detail from the beginning, mainly by friends and acquaintances.
At that time, I was making it little by little in the workshop, which was now available, but one day I baked or baked the cookie on that day. It should end in the evening, but at night.
When I checked again that I had ordered so much, I made the calculation incorrectly and made three times the required chocolate. 。 。 。 。 。 (It is the founding members of OVGO that often happen to this kind of thing. Yes, I am too.)

I can't help it with this, so I tried to put it on the story of an EC shop, and when I tried to give it to the story with a light feeling, I decided to get many people for some reason! ! !


I tried to make an extra thing that was made too much
I tried to make an extra thing that was made too much


It sold a lot (laughs)
Lol that sold a lot

At this time, when I gave it to a food -related influencer, I put it on the story, a friend who happened to order a cookie was presented to my best friend model, and introduced it in a magazine, and the best of Corona. The exposure increased little by little inside, and the Instagram followers were gradually increasing.
In such a case, I would like to make a BASE order and send it out rather than rest. Surprisingly, it is difficult to send packing in the online shop.


Bring it to the post office every time. It was crowded due to the influence of Corona.
Bring it to the post office every time. It was crowded due to the influence of Corona.

Although the Aoyama Farmers Market resumed, I couldn't stand
From around GW, the cafe gradually resumed, and the market was opened at the eaves of a nearby cafe.
Not only ECs but also wholesale and events have been resumed.
At this time, it started to be offered at a cafe, which is still dating, such as Almond Hostel and Matchha Tokyo at Yoyogi Park. Both are wonderful shops, so I want you to go!


Almond hostel can still eat cookies.
 Almond hostel can still eat cookies.

2020/7 To independence

By the time when the restrictions of going out were to be lifted, the other job and the part -time work of OVGO Baker had become quite strict in terms of schedule.
Dean & Deluca's work was difficult to balance with Aoyama Farmers Market, and it was changed to another job since January, but at this time, the work during the day was quite hard.
Originally, I thought it was an OVGO job that realizes what I want to do on weekdays and what I want to do to support my life. I started thinking that if I raised it, I would be able to do something about my own life.
I was worried about a month, but after hearing the news that the market might resume from July (although it was a bit painful after all, it was a bit painful after all), officially independently in the summer of 2020. My work has become a cookie shop!

I asked what kind of preparation you were preparing for independence, what the timing was in advance, but in my case it was really unexpected. 。 。 Of course, I wanted to work enough to be able to live in my own store alone because of the fact that I quit the first company, but there are no special preparations or plans, just at this time. It was a time when I thought that if I poured my time and energy to my shop, I would go in a better direction.
If I couldn't, I felt like I would work part -time and find a job elsewhere and wait for the next timing.
As a result, I've been managing somehow, but if I can't get my salary, I feel like I should eat a part -time job and eat it.

When deciding something important, I try to imagine not only good aspects but also all the bad things that can be caused by that choice. How much you can get over that bad thing? If you can't stand it, you won't choose it, and if you get up, you'll be able to get over it. It's important to think about good aspects, but you can imagine as many good things and happen, but if you do, it may not happen at least once, so if you do this, it may be better if you do this, or if you do this. I think it's more helpful to think about what happens if bad things happen, rather than choosing a good level.

Node in Yoyogi Uehara also has a market
 Node in Yoyogi Uehara also has a market

I sometimes ask those who want to go to a store recently, so I wrote what I felt about independence.

The Aoyama Farmers Market, the origin of OVGO BAKER, is still open on the third Saturday of every month! ! !
Please come to play for a wonderful weekend♡



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