Happy message of OVGO BAKER NIJO ST.

ovgo Baker Nijo st.のハッピーメッセージ

OVGO BAKER NIJO ST., which opened last December, you can enjoy freshly baked vegan cookies, banana breads and muffins in the store!

Introducing a little bit of Kyoto store limited flavor✨

◯ Sesame

Kinotoro black sesame flavored Japanese flavor🍪It is perfectly compatible with louji tea that can be purchased at the store.🙆‍♀️

◯ Ginger Snap

Ginger lovers are irresistible! It is a flavor that makes you feel spicy.🍪

◯ Matcha brownie

Overwhelmed by the depth of matcha✨Matcha LOVER, please try it!

◯ Matcha crumble cake

The crunchy cake is irresistible on the cake.

Please enjoy the Kyoto store -only product on the 2nd floor where there are stylish furniture in Kyoto or vintage.💖✨

By the way, do you think there are many messages on the walls of the Kyoto store? This is a nice message from the customer who did in -in.💕

The contents are various, such as "It was delicious" and "I liked 〇〇". If you come by all means, please write a love message to OVGO 🥰


If you live near you, travel to Kyoto, please feel free to drop in at any time.😌We look forward to your visit to all the Kyoto members.☺️