Introducing shops where you can eat OVGO cookies🍪Nomad Coffee/Shizuoka

ovgoのクッキーが食べられるお店をご紹介🍪NOMAD COFFEE/静岡

Did you know that you can pick up OVGO BAKER cookies at cafes and select shops all over Japan?🍪

OVGO cookies that may be in your city!

By all means, I hope you can use it to find a wonderful store.


Here is here today!

Small coffee shop on the banks of Lake Hamana

Nomad Coffee.

It provides a shallow roasted coffee from shallow roasted to deep roasted, and is also sold beans.


Recommended is dunk of IMPOSSIBLE CHOCOLATE CHIP, which is very popular with latte.🍪

It might be a good idea to eat with Afogart with rich espresso on vanilla ice cream🍨


The Instagram reel is also a must -see!



Nomad Coffee Stand & Roaster


3393-11 Niii-cho, Kosai City, Shizuoka Prefecture Costa Hamana Lake 1st floor