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Article: [B corp🌏] OVGO Baker acquired B Corp

【B corp🌏】ovgo BakerはB corpを取得しました
B corp

[B corp🌏] OVGO Baker acquired B Corp


Today we are about Bcorp we acquired in December 2022.

B Corporation (B Corp) is an international system that certifies a good company. Operated by the United States -based B Lab, tests in the fields of five regions (governance, environment, employees, customers, and communities), and only 80 or more companies can obtain B Corp authentication.

WeVGO Co., Ltd. started preparing for acquisition since 2021.In December 2022, I became the 16th B Corp certified company in Japan.🎉✨

It is a very proud event that our efforts to our society and the environment have been recognized by global standards.🌏🌿I would be grateful if you could see this release for our detailed acquisition.


B in the Corp community Use/Make Business as a force for good " The phrase is used. Instead of separating good initiatives for society as charitable or non -profit activities, we are trying to spread financial interests as a business.

When I hear b corp, it seems that it is not familiar in Japan yet,B Corp companies are already familiar to you, but also have many popular brands and companies. For example, Patagonia, AESOP, Burton, Allbirds, Danon, Ben and Jerry'setc! All are popular brands.

These companies are not only stylish and cool and delicious products and brands, but also provide good efforts for employees, customers, environments and communities as B Corp.


It is hard to know that the company's thoughts, philosophy, and efforts to improve society are improving, such as searching, talking to shops, or participating in brand events. It is also difficult to convey.

Under such circumstances, if you know that B Corp is a certification that can be obtained as a result of passing strict tests, only companies that are engaged in good efforts to society and the environment, the B Corp mark is marked in the daily city. You can easily see that the company is making good efforts for society! It would be more fun if you could know specific initiatives depending on the pages of each product or brand.

By purchasing brands and products with the Corp mark, you can support companies that are taking good efforts in society and the environment, and just buy such products in the first place. You can✨

(In 2018, B Lab was held by B Lab by B -Lab, which promoted Bcorp products called Vote Every Day, trading with Bcorp companies, and encouraging them to work there).


B Corp Acquisition of products has a lot of unique and carefully made products, so I think not only is doing good things, but also a fun and rich life.

OVGO wants to continue to aim for a more enthusiastic movement for a better future from his familiar places.


B Corp does not end up acquiring once. There is a re -test every three years, and in that case we aim for a better score than everyone.

The environmental and social issues are very large, and the impact that can be changed by one person or one company has a limit. That's why I want to work with friends and seniors who are moving to improve other society, and gradually lead to a big impact.


March of this yearThe first B Corp Month in Japan will be held! March 11th is the first big event in JapanThere is also. If you are interested, please check it out.



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